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Nettle Meadow Farm

  • cow
  • goat
  • pasteurized
  • vegetable
  • mild
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Kunik is dreamy mold-ripened cheese made from goats' milk spiked with fresh Jersey cream in the Adirondack Mountains. When young, Kunik has the texture of cold butter, and is light, tangy, and créme-fraiche-y in flavor. As it ripens, it becomes more supple, loose, and gamey, the goaty flavors becoming more assertive. Kunik is delightful at any state of ripeness, and deserves a much-coveted place in your belly. As we like to say here at Saxelby Cheese - it's kind of like gelato with a rind. Each wheel weighs in at 4oz and is aged 4-6 weeks.

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