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Cocktail Hour box - a collection of cheeses and savory snacks for that makes a great cheese gift
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Our Cocktail Hour Box features the best of the sweet, the salty, and everything in between for the ultimate entertaining spread! Includes two of our favorite cheeses, a lineup of salty snacks, and tangy cornichons. So shake up your favorite cocktail, grab a glass of beer or wine, and dive in! Collection includes:

Vault 5 - a rich, savory, caramelly, and complex cave aged cheddar from The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm.

Jake's Gouda - a dense, extra aged raw milk gouda from central New York that is studded with crystalline crunchy clusters and has a distinctive toasty, butterscotchy flavor profile!

Marcona Almonds - The Queen of Almonds! These tender, sweet, and salty almonds are blanched before being roasted with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt which gives them their signature richness.

Cornichons - Tart, tangy, and vinegary, these tiny pickles are cured in a vinegar brine infused with mustard seeds and small pearl onions. Made by Les Trois Petits Cochons, a well loved purveyor of classic French foods that began in 1975 as a small charcuterie shop in Greenwich Village. 

Route 11 Potato Chips - Small batch artisan 'unhurried' potato chips made the old-fashioned way from the best quality potatoes since 1992. 

Potter's Crackers - These delicious small-batch crackers are as close to homemade taste as you can get! Crisp, rich, and toasty, Potter's Classic White crackers take the art of cheese and crackers to a whole new level.

Salami Picante - Tangy, salty salami crafted with an earthy, fruity, and zippy blend of chilis that provide just the right amount of heat!


Includes two half pound wedges of cheese, 6oz almonds, 12.4oz jar cornichons,  2oz chips, 5oz crackers, and 5oz salami. Serves up to 12 for a party, or fewer people for multiple snacking sessions over the course of a few weeks! 

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!

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