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Raclette party set - raclette cheese, raclette machine with potatoes and salami, bread, and cornichons
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When the mercury falls, Raclette cheese calls! This classic cold weather dish involves melting slices of cheese under a specially designed broiler and pouring the molten sheets of cheese onto toasted bread or potatoes. Add pickles, charcuterie, and fresh fruit or crudite, and you've got a cozy and delicious winter dinner for two! 

Collection includes:

Reading Raclette - Reading Raclette from Spring Brook Farm in Vermont. This delicious cheese was designed to melt; and the flavor is buttery, fruity, and ever so slightly pungent.

Soppressata Piccola Dolce - a tangy cured soppressata simply spiced with salt and black pepper from curemaster Cesare Casella.

Cornichons - diminutive pickles with a refreshing vinegar-y blast of acidity that is the perfect foil to melted cheese!

Boska Raclette Mini 110V -  An electric raclette machine designed for two! Comes with 2 teflon coated paddles for melting cheese and a grill top to heat potatoes, charcuterie or bread.

Includes approximately 1lb of cheese, 8oz soppressata, and 1 x 6.5oz jar cornichons, and one Boska Raclette Mini machine. Designed to serve 2 people for a full dinner or 4-6 as part of a larger meal. We recommend 8oz of cheese per person for a full meal and 6oz of cheese per person if there are other dishes being served.

Want to add more cheese? Buy more Reading Raclette by the pound here.

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