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When it comes to cheese at Saxelby Cheesemongers, we like it RAW! Raw milk, when produced in sanitary conditions from a healthy herd makes cheese of superior flavor and confers hard-to-quantify yet real health benefits to the eater. To honor this traditional cheesemaking method, we created a collection of some of our favorite raw milk cheeses that you won't find anywhere else! Includes over 1.5lbs of cheese. Cheeses included are:

Swallow Tail Tomme - The newest addition to the Saxelby Cheesemongers lineup! Swallow Tail is a raw cow's milk tomme crafted from the organic milk of cheesemaker Melanie and Tyler Webb's herd of cows. The flavor is tart buttery, and grassy, and the natural rind lends a deep earthiness.

Goat Wheel - Twig Farm’s cheese names may read like the titles of minimalist paintings, but they boast a riot of flavor in each wheel. Twig’s Goat Wheel hits you right away with a piquant, goaty, musky flavor that will remind you of being in a barnyard. When the spice subsides, you’ll be rewarded with an earthy and mushroomy finish. The semi-firm tomme style wheels are coated with gray and white mold that is the calling card of Twig Farm’s affinage.

Ocooch Mountain - Ocooch takes its name from the mountains surrounding Hidden Springs Creamery in southwestern Wisconsin. The extra aged batch of cheese that cheesemaker Brenda Jensen shipped to us is a real treat! The texture is dense and firm, not unlike an aged gouda, and the flavor is buttery and caramelly with hints of grass and toasted nuts.

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