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The Grey Barn and Farm

The Grey Barn and Farm Collection - three organic grass fed cheeses
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The Grey Barn and Farm is a certified organic farm on Martha's Vineyard making distinctive and delicious cheeses from their superlative grass-fed cow's milk! The commitment to grass fed coupled with the skill of their talented young cheesemaker, Joe Alstat, is what sets The Grey Barn's cheeses apart. Each one is a marvel of flavor!  Our Grey Barn Collection includes three cheeses:

Eidolon - A bright, buttery cylinder of creamy cheese encased in a delicate mushroomy bloomy rind. Beneath the white bloomy rind there is a thick layer of supple, gooey paste, while the interior remains firmer, with a light, fluffy, almost cheesecake-like texture. 

Prufrock - A perfectly pungent little square of washed rind cheese. Yeasty, lactic, and fruity when young - as it matures it takes on round, rich, briny, umami flavors. The Grey Barn and Farm’s proximity to the sea as well as it’s cool, damp climate, provide the perfect environment to develop this type of salty, briny, subtly funky cheese.

Bluebird Blue - A creamy, fudgy organic raw cow’s milk blue cheese from the Grey Barn and Farm on Martha’s Vineyard. Bluebird Blue is fruity, salty, buttery, and earthy, and hints at yeasty toasted sourdough. Each golden yellow block is streaked with deep blue veins and is aged for a minimum of 90 days, during which time the blue mold imparts its signature mushroomy, peppery funk.

Includes approx 1.5 lb of cheese, serves 8-10 people.

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