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Lady in Blue

Saxelby Cheesemongers

Lady in Blue - buy gourmet blue cheese online
  • cow
  • raw
  • animal
  • mild
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A delicate, milky and mild blue from Lazy Lady Farm. This cheese is made only during the winter months when the cheese cave at Lazy Lady Farm is at the optimal temperature to ensure proper aging. Since Lazy Lady is entirely solar and wind-powered, the cave has no refrigeration device other than the earth that covers it. The small wheels age for 2 months in the cave and develop a beautiful blue mold on the exterior of the cheese as well as in the paste. A unique and delicious seasonal treat that will be available late March through late May 2020.

Please note that all cheeses are cut to order in half pound increments, meaning that there will be a slight variance in weight. Rest assured you'll never receive less than the quantity you order, but you might score a little bit more!

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