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Summer Cooking Essentials - a collection of summer cooking cheeses including fresh mozzarella, burrata, grilling cheese, ricotta salata, and ploughgate creamery cultured butter
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A collection of our favorite summer cooking cheeses - fresh mozzarella, burrata, grilling cheese, ricotta salata, and of course, butter! These light and versatile cheeses are wonderful in a wide array of summery dishes, and are perfect for picnics, barbecues, and dinners al fresco!

Includes 2.5lbs of cheese and 8oz butter.

Fresh Mozzarella - creamy, milky, fresh mozzarella cheese that is ideal for caprese salads, panini, and panzanella salads. 2 x 8oz balls

Burrata - decadent purses of mozzarella curd filled with creamy stracciatella. Cut it open, drizzle with olive oil, salt, pepper, and enjoy with your favorite crusty bread. Makes a decadent side dish to enjoy with a large salad. 2 x 4oz balls

Grilling Cheese - our local equivalent to Halloumi! Grill it over the barbecue or sautee in a skillet with olive oil till it gets toasted and browned, squeeze some lemon on top, and serve with roasted potatoes or salad. 1 x 8oz wedge

Ricotta Salata Vecchio - cave aged ricotta salata that is delicious shaved over salads of fresh veggies or cold pasta salads. 1 x 8oz wedge

Ploughgate Creamery Cultured Butter - salted cultured butter from Vermont that is a crucial part of any meal! Schmear on bread, spread on corn, and apply liberally everywhere else! 1 x 8oz block

Please note that if any product(s) are out of stock we will substitute with something similar and equally delicious!

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