Crown Finish Caves

Barnburner - lightly smoked cheddar cheese from Crown Finish Caves and Grafton Village Cheese
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  • pasteurized
  • vegetable
  • mild
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The Barnburner is a smoked cheddar unlike anything you’ve had before! Blocks of Barnburner are made from unpasteurized cow’s milk at Grafton Village Cheese Company in Vermont, and then shipped to Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn to be aged to perfection. The cheese is dense, fudgy, and sharp with a distinct smokey finish. Barnburner is dyed with annatto to give the paste an eye-popping orange color. The blocks are bandaged in cheesecloth rubbed with lard from Marlow and Daughters, a local Brooklyn butcher shop. The smearing of the cheeses with lard accomplishes two things - it allows the cheesecloth to adhere to the surface of the cheese, and also provides a food source for the microbes present in the caves that ripen the cheese. Pairing notes: Red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, beers like lager, smoked porters

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