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Cow Breed Quintet

Saxelby Cheese

Cow Breed Quintet
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There are few things that a curd-nerd loves more than a breed-specific cheese!! Explore the intricacies of the noble dairy cow with a sampling of 5 different cheeses made from the milk of 5 different breeds of cow. Includes over 1.5 lbs of cheese; serves 10-12 people. 

Cheeses included are: Spring Brook Tarentaise (Jersey Cow) - a nutty and sweet Alpine style cheese, Weybridge (Dutch Belted Cow) - A soft and buttery bloomy rind button, Marieke Premium Gouda (Holstein Friesian Cow) - a rich and caramelly Wisconsin gouda aged for two years, Bayley Hazen Blue (Ayrshire Cow) - a peppery and herbal blue from Vermont, and Shelburne 2 Year Cheddar (Brown Swiss Cow) - a tangy and sharp aged cheddar.