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Bark Wrapped Trio

Saxelby Cheese

Bark Wrapped Trio
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A selection of three cheeses that represent a time-honored European tradition of wrapping soft cheeses in bark.  The bark serves two purposes: to impart an earthy, savory flavor to the cheese and to act as a girdle to contain the paste of the cheese.  Aside from being wrapped in bark, these three cheeses share something else in common-- their interiors are soft and spoonable, like a ready-to-go fondue!

Includes one wheel of each cheese and a Saxelby's branded knife and cheese journal. Totals approximately 1.5 lb of cheese.

Harbison - 2018's Best Cheese in America has a sweet milky flavor at first, but finishes with meaty, smoky, juniper notes that are imparted via the bark, which is harvested from balsa trees in the surrounding woodlands.

Winnimere - a washed-rind cheese that is reminiscent of the famous French Vacherin Mont D'Or. Tastes of mustard, smoked meat, evergreens, and wine. It's bark girdle comes from the same woodlands!

Merry Goat Round Spruce Reserve - The rich, mustard, spruce flavors imparted by the bark pair beautifully with the gooey, mushroomy paste of the goat’s milk cheese, creating a wallop of flavor that you won’t soon forget!