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The New Yorker

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The New Yorker
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Start spreading the news... New York State is making some of the best artisan cheese in the country! Saxelby's 'New Yorker' collection features three of the Empire State's finest cheeses. Includes Madeleine - a firm, earthy goat's milk cheese with a buttery crumble from Sprout Creek Farm, Nancy's Camembert - a triple cream made from a blend of sheep and cows' milk that is almost too buttery and decadent to discuss in polite company, and McCadam Cheddar - a quintessentially New York extra sharp cheddar that can trace it's lineage back over 100 years. All in all, a perfect cheese plate from Saxelby's home state!

Includes three half pound wedges of cheese. Serves up to 10 for a party, or stock up and savor over the course of a few weeks! Cut wedges of cheese can be stored in your refrigerator for 4-6 weeks. For optimal storage, keep your cheese wrapped in our Saxelby cheese paper.