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buy bismark cheese online, best sheep's milk cheddar
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Bismark cheese is named for a 19th century ram who is enshrined in the annals of Vermont agricultural history. Wheels of this cheese are produced at Grafton Village Cheese in Vermont, one of the state’s best-known cheddar producers. The young wheels are shipped to Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn, New York where they are bandaged with cheese cloth that is slathered in smoked lard from Smoking Goose Meatery and aged for 4-6 months. Bismark is a hybrid of styles: cheddar and traditional sheep’s milk cheeses from the Pyrenees region of France, so it tows the line between green, tart, and acidic to sweet, honeyed, nutty flavors. The firm paste also carries a touch of earthy, savory, meaty flavor due to the lard bandaging. A dense, warming, and toothsome cheese! Pairs well with amber ales, lagers, and dry cider.

If you're curious to know more about the art of aging cheese, try our Crown Finish Caves Collection.


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