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Cheddar Bites

Maplebrook Farm

Cheddar Bites
  • cow
  • pasteurized
  • mild
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Delectable tiny bites of cheddar curds, freshly milled at Maplebrook Farm. Midwesterners, Upstate New Yorkers, and the Quebecois all agree… curd’s the word. Cheddar curds are a distinctly North American tradition, and have been melted, grated, and fried to all sorts of delicious results. Beer battered and deep fried in Wisconsin, sprinkled atop French fries and smothered in gravy in Canada.

Technically, cheddar bites are primordial cheddar cheese. During the cheddar cheese making process, curds are usually packed into molds and pressed together, and aged yielding the dense, sharp blocks of cheddar we know and love. When fresh and un-pressed, they are mild, milky, creamy, and just a touch salty with a delightfully snappy texture. Eat ‘em straight up like popcorn (we do!!) or melt them into your macaroni and cheese for a rich and buttery twist.

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