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Fresh Mozzarella

Maplebrook Farm

fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh mozzarella
  • cow
  • pasteurized
  • vegetable
  • mild
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Johann Englert walked into a cheese shop in Manchester, Vermont, and walked away with an idea for a cheese business! The fresh mozzarella cheese that she tasted in this tiny shop transported her tastebuds back to Italy, where she had traveled many years before. Mike Scheps, the owner's son and third generation cheesemaker, is now Johann's business partner - the two of them founded Maplebrook Farm with the intention of bringing great mozzarella and other pasta filata cheeses to the northeastern United States. Maplebrook's fresh mozzarella is sweet and creamy with a hint of salt, making it the perfect cheese for pizza recipes, caprese, and other mozzarella recipes. Each ball weighs in at 12oz.

Maplebrook also produces our favorite burrata cheese. What's the difference between mozzarella and burrata? Fresh mozzarella cheese is solid all the way through, while burrata is a hollow ball of mozzarella filled with stringy cheese curds and cream.

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