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Landmark Creamery

  • sheep
  • pasteurized
  • mild
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They say throughout history that some of the best cheeses have resulted from happy accidents. Pipit is one of those cheesy tales... The two Annas that own Landmark Creamery (Anna Thomas Bates and Anna Landmark) got a call from the affinage / cheese aging space that they were renting out at the time saying that there were no more wooden boards to age young, natural rind cheese. Being resourceful, as all cheesemakers must, they quickly came up with a recipe for a cheese that they could cryovac and age in blocks. They were aiming for a cheese that would melt well and be tasty after just 30 days, but as is the case with so many cheeses, they become MUCH more interesting with age. Pipit is sold at the age of 6 months or more, and is an uncommon and uncommonly delicious cheese. It has a bright acidity that is tempered by bits of sweet, caramelized, crystalline goodness, and the fullness of the sheep’s milk shines through, giving the cheese a big, round flavor. The texture is somewhere between cheddar and feta - dense and toothsome, yet slightly flaky.

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