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St. Johnsville Junior

Saxelby Cheese

St. Johnsville Junior
  • goat
  • pasteurized
  • animal
  • mild
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Cochran Farm 1790 is an historic farm that was once the home to General Cochran, who fought in the Revolutionary War, and was a good friend of George Washington. Now the farm is being used to produce stellar goats’ milk cheeses by cheesemakers Patrick and Gwen Apfel. St Johnsville is modeled after the famed bloomy rinded goats’ milk cheeses of the Poitou region in France. The small discs are chalky in the center and oozy toward the edges, with a brainy wrinkly rind that tastes of musk, mushrooms, wet straw, and toasted hazelnuts. Aged for 4 to 8 weeks.

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