Transmitter Willoughby

Jasper Hill Farm

Transmitter Willoughby
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A pungent, limited edition collaboration between Saxelby Cheesemongers, Jasper Hill Farm, and Brooklyn-based Transmitter Brewing! Willoughby is an odoriferous round of washed rind cows’ milk cheese that is normally washed with a salt brine. However, this special batch has been washed with Transmitter Brewing’s F4 3 x Brett Farmhouse ale. Three strains of brettanomyces are combined in primary fermentation to create a complex web of aromas with notes of ripe stone fruit, fresh cut hay, and earth. The wheels of Willoughby are washed twice weekly with beer for a period of six weeks to allow the cheese to ripen, and for the pungent flavors to express themselves. The finished product is briny, nutty, and bursting with funk. A stinky cheese lover's dream come true! Each wheel weighs 8oz.

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