Crown Finish Caves

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A big old Tubby wheel of Alpine-style cheese made by Spring Brook Farm and aged at Crown Finish Caves in Brooklyn. The cheese is named for William Bunker Tubby, one of Brooklyn’s most famous architects, and designer of the Pratt Library, the home of Charles Millard Pratt, and the current home of the Brooklyn Ethical Culture building on Prospect Park West. Tubby is washed with salt brine as they age, giving the rind a tawny hue and imparting a bit of robust beefy funk to the flavor. After aging for one year in the tunnel at Crown Finish Tubbys are ripe and ready to go! The flavor riffs on Comte - it is firm yet decadently melty on the palate, and has grassy and nutty flavors laced with a touch of white chocolate. The art on each wheel was designed by Brooklyn-based artist Mike Perry whose studio is just above Crown Finish Caves.

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