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Picnic Spread

Saxelby Cheese

Picnic Spread
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Have to bring something to a group picnic?  Planning a romantic day in the park? Don't stress! This delicious package contains absolutely all the fixin's you need for a sweet and savory picnic spread! Just invite your friends, buy a bottle of bubbly and hunker down for a sweet and savory feast.

Includes one wheel of Moses Sleeper, a buttery bloomy rind cheese that is perfect baked in puff pastry or schmeared on crackers, Ploughgate Creamery salted cultured butter, Casella's prosciutto made from Heritage breed pigs and cured in the US, Talbott and Arding's Spelt crackers (our favorites in the world!) Tart Cherry and White Tea jam from Quince and Apple in Madison, and a branded Saxelby Cheesemongers cheese knife to serve it up in style!

Serves up to 12 people.

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