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Consider Bardwell Farm Collection

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Consider Bardwell Farm Collection
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A collection of unique and delicious raw goat and cows' milk cheese from Consider Bardwell Farm. Located in West Pawlet, Vermont, Consider Bardwell is located on the site of the first cheesemaking cooperative in the state. Owners Angela Miller and Russell Glover are embracing the farm's history and re-inventing it as a local hub for cheesemaking in the 21st century! The goats' milk comes from the farm's own herd of Oberhasli and Alpine goats, and the cows' milk comes from two neighboring cow dairies.

Cheeses included are: Pawlet - an Alpine tomme-style cheese whose interior is dimpled with tiny holes and rivulets.  The golden, buttery paste is simple and balanced with a deep nutty flavor, Slyboro - a raw goats' milk cheese that is bathed in locally made cider for a musky, fruity, and creamy kick, Dorset - a supple washed rind cow's milk cheese with buttery and vegetal overtones, and Manchester - a piquant, semi-firm goats' milk cheese that tastes of barnyard and cracked black pepper.

Contains over 1.5 lbs of cheese, serves up to 12. Cut wedges of cheese can be stored in your refrigerator for 4-6 weeks. For optimal storage, keep your cheese wrapped in our Saxelby cheese paper.