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Small Cheesemonger's Choice

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Small Cheesemonger's Choice
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Put some faith in your monger and let us curate your cheese plate. Saxelby Cheesemongers works with the best artisan and farmstead cheesemakers in the United States; many of the cheeses we offer can't be found anywhere else! When you order a Cheesemonger's Choice selection, we'll pick a peck of cheese that represents the best the barnyard has to offer, plus a box of Miller's Water crackers from The Fine Cheese Co. packed in our signature wooden gift box!

The Small Cheesemonger's Choice features three wedges of cheese totaling approximately 1lb. Serves 8 to 12 people.

Please make a note of any cheese preferences you have (i.e. no stinky, no blue, no raw milk, etc) and we will accommodate your request.