Cowbella Sweet Cream Butter, 8oz Salted

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A rich, grass-fed, sweet cream butter from Dan and Shannon Finn’s beautiful herd of Jersey cows. This seventh generation dairy farm is home to 40 Jersey cows that are pasture grazed in the summer and fed locally foraged dry hay and a touch of supplemental grain in the winter months. Cowbella butter is light yet decadent, and the flavor is pure and mild.

The Finn’s farm all of their own baleage and dry hay from their fields that they put nothing but our own manure on for fertilizer. They supplement with grain from local Schoharie Valley farms that they know and trust that is a custom ration made for the herd to balance their different needs based on whether they’re grazing on pasture or eating stored winter forage. From late April to as late as early November, their girls graze 70 acres of pasture night and day, only coming in the barn for milking times.  

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