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A bright, rich, creamy cylinder of grass fed cow’s milk cheese encased in a delicate mushroomy bloomy rind. The name Eidolon comes from a Walt Whitman poem and means ‘an object’s perfect form; it’s an ideal, almost unattainable’. This Eidolon certainly comes close! Beneath the white bloomy rind there is a thick layer of supple, gooey paste, while the interior remains firmer, with a light, fluffy, almost cheesecake-like texture. The cheese shows off the beauty of the certified organic milk from The Grey Barn’s herd of grass fed cows, and changes as the cows’ diet does throughout the seasons. Pairing notes: Sparkling wines like Champagne (rose Champagne is doubly delicious… think strawberries and cream!) rose wines of all kinds, crisp dry cider, wheat beers.

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