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Highlander - a mixed milk goat and cow's milk cheese from Jasper Hill Farm
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A hefty Alpine-style cheese made from a blend of cow’s milk from Jasper Hill Farm and goat’s milk from Bridgman Hill Farm. Bridgman Hill is run by Ryan Andrus and Annie Rowden, who milk a herd of Alpine, Saanen, La Mancha, and various crosses between those breeds. Jasper Hill Farm partnered with Annie and Ryan to launch a new line of mixed milk cheeses, and Highlander is the biggest of the bunch. The wheels are washed when young to develop a bit of funk, and as they mature they express flavors of tangy creme fraiche, browned butter, onions, and roasted meat. Pairing notes: Off-dry white wines like Riesling, sweet white wines like Moscato, bold red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, and Syrah

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