Pre-Order Your Copy of Anne Saxelby's First Book, The New Rules of Cheese, Today! Ships October 2020.

Pre-Order Your Copy of Anne Saxelby's First Book, The New Rules of Cheese, Today! Ships October 2020.

Meat n’ Cheese Snack Pack

Saxelby Cheese

buy cheese and charcuterie online, gouda, salami, and mustard
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Our Meat n' Cheese Snack Pack is the perfect spread to enjoy whether you're chilling at home watching your favorite movie or hosting guests for a dinner party or the big game. This collection of artisan cheese and charcuterie pairs perfectly with just about any beer (ales, lagers, stouts, they all go well with salami!). Items included are:

Cerveza Seca - Bold and subtle with a robust autumnal warmth, Cerveza Seca demonstrates how the use of beer in the curing process can produce a flavor so enchantingly unique that it eludes classification.  Dry-cured with a bottle fermented brown ale, pasture raised, heritage breed pork, and hand-harvested fleur de sel, this salumi is a pioneer, a rogue, an adventurer, and a distinctive addition to any table. Crafted by Charlito's Cocina, one of New York's finest artisan charcutiers.

Salami Picante - Dry Cured Spicy Salami Salami Picante was born of a tide of requests for “something hot,” a tide that has been rolling in since the dawn of the fine art of salumi making. The result is a salami that gracefully strikes a harmonious balance between “making sure the heat is felt” and “making sure you can still taste the meaty, salty nuances.” Dry-cured with pasture-raised, heritage breed pork, hand-harvested sea salt, and a delicate, house-made blend of chiles, Salami Picante is a one of a kind spicy salami that will arouse your senses and heed your call when you ask for it “nice and hot.” Crafted by Charlito's Cocina.

Marieke Bacon Gouda Holland’s Family Cheese makes these wheels of aged gouda cheese with their raw cow’s milk, adding bits of bacon from Nolecheck’s, a local smokehouse that has been in business since 1952. Tastes like a baked potato, a wedge salad, and all the other most delicious things in life.

Mustard and Co. Classic Mustard - Tangy whole grain mustard makes for a perfect match with salami and cheese! This small batch mustard is crafted with fresh ground and raw mustard seed, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar and Jacobsen Salt Co. sea salt.

Saxelby Cheesemongers Branded Cheese Knife - strong enough to slice through aged salami and cheese and small enough to tote along to a picnic. Blade measures 3".

Includes a half-pound hand cut wedge of cheese, two 4.5oz sticks of salami, mustard and cheese knife.

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