Bridgman Blue

Jasper Hill Farm

Bridgman Blue - a mixed milk goat and cow's milk blue cheese from Jasper hill farm
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Bridgman Blue cheese is a goat/cow blend from Jasper Hill Farm, named for their partner goat dairy, Bridgman Hill Farm. Bridgman Hill Farm is run by Ryan Andrus and Annie Rowden, who both cut their teeth in the goat dairying world in California before moving East. The goats are a blend of Alpine, Saanen, La Mancha, and various crosses between those breeds. The tall cylindrical wheels sport a downy and earthy rind, and the texture of the paste is rich, creamy, and fudgy. Bridgman Blue cheese has flavor notes of goat milk, white pepper, buckwheat honey, earth, and toasted bread. Pairing notes: off-dry and sweet white wines like Riesling and Moscato, Stout, Barleywine, bold red wines like Syrah and Bordeaux

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