Humble Pie

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Humble Pie
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Humble Pie, a common American idiom (and now delicious cheese!) actually evolved from a thing called Umble Pie, which was a pastry filled with different kinds of offal. Yum. We've come a long way from Umble with this tangy, tasty, and yes, a tad bit beefy cheese. The rind is washed ever so slightly with a b-linens-laced brine and takes on a tawny, orangey glow after just a few weeks in the cellar. The paste is smooth, creamy, and even, like a well-aged Robiola, and the flavor parries between butter, tart sour cream, and toasted hazelnuts. Aged 4-6 weeks.

Some batches of Humble Pie have gray-ish mold on the rind called 'mucor'. This mold is natural and edible - we encourage you to try it! If mold is not your thing, we encourage you to choose another cheese.

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