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3-Corner Field Farm

Shushan, New York

Karen Weinberg and Paul Borghard moved their family from New York City in the late 1980's with the dream of becoming full time farmers. They found 3-Corner Field Farm in the rolling hills of the Battenkill River Valley, just south of the Adirondacks and west of Manchester, Vermont, and decided to put down roots. At the suggestion of a neighbor, they got two sheep to help control the grass growth and weeds on their property, and took note of what efficient animals sheep are - yielding milk, meat, wool, and fiber. Karen and Paul now have a flock of 100 ewes whose milk is turned into cheese, and 250 lambs who are raised for meat. Their 'Most Valuable Employees' on the farm are their two dogs - Hemp, the border collie who brings the sheep in from the fields for milking and Peco, the Maremma-Abruzzi hound that lives with the sheep in the pasture and protects them from coyotes and other wildlife. 3-Corner Field Farm sells most of their products direct to consumers through the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City.

Sheep at Three Corner Field Farm

Cheeses From This Farm

  • Brebis Blanche
  • Shushan Snow
Photo Credits: Anne Saxelby