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Bonnieview Farm

Craftsbury, Vermont

Bonnieview Farm is a fourth generation dairy farm owned by Neil and Kristin Urie in Craftsbury, Vermont. Neil's great grandfather started the farm in 1890, and his grandfather and father were both born on the farm. Neil bought the farm in 1995 from his uncle, who had been operating a traditional cow dairy there; he and Kristin are the first generation to produce cheese on the farm. Bonnieview is home to both dairy sheep and cows - they milk about 180 ewes (a mix of Friesian, Lacaune, and Tunis) from April through October, and 8 cows from October through April.

This staggered cycle of breeding, lambing, and calving, and milking gives Bonnieview Farm a unique seasonal cycle of cheesemaking. They make three different cheeses that vary in composition (all sheep milk, blended sheep/cow milk, and all cow milk) throughout the year, as well as a blue cheese that also changes in milk composition over the year.

In the summer of 2016, Neil and Kristin completed work on a cheese cave, their dream of over six years! The cave was built into a hillside about a quarter of a mile down the road from the farm and houses all of Bonnieview’s cheeses. The cave allows them to produce and age the maximum amount of cheese that they can from their ewes and cows, and age them in ideal conditions until they are ready for market.

Cheeses From This Farm

  • Ayersdale
  • Ben Lomond
  • Ben Nevis
  • Blended Nevis
  • Bonnie Blue
  • Coomersdale
  • Mossend Blue
  • Oradale
  • Paisley Blue
  • Patmos Peak