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Landaff Creamery

Landaff, New Hampshire

Debby and Doug Erb established Landaff Creamery in 2008 as a way to add value to the milk of their registered Holstein herd. They consistently won top accolades for the quality of their milk, and wanted to see it turned into something that could sustain the financial viability of their farm. The farm was started by Doug's parents, Dr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Erb, in the 1950's. Debby and Doug joined the farm operation in 1980 and began a life's work of dedication to the cows and the land. They rotationally graze their cows on the farms' ample pasture, and also crop the land to make their own hay for the winter months.

After a bit of research, Debby and Doug learned that their town of Landaff, New Hampshire was named after the Bishop of Llandaff, Wales, who was chaplain to King George III. They decided that they would like to make a Welsh-style cheese to pay homage to that style of cheesemaking in the United States. After spending time with the Duckett family in England who make Caerphilly, a traditional Welsh-style cheese, the Erbs honed the recipes for their two cheeses - Landaff and Kinsman Ridge. The Erbs work with the Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm to ripen and sell their cheeses.

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Photo Credits: Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm