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McCadam Cheese

Heuvelton, New York

McCadam Cheese was established in Heuvelton, New York in 1876 by William McCadam. In the nineteenth century, New York State was one of the largest cheesemaking regions in America. The Erie Canal facilitated export and distribution of cheeses in that era - wheels of cheddar made by McCadam were coated in butter and cured in cool cellars before being loaded onto barges for transport to markets across the United States and beyond! Of historical note - William McCadam won a first place medal for his cheese at the Chicago World's Fair of 1894, and President Andrew Jackson repeatedly ordered 2,000 pound wheels of cheese from McCadam to entertain guests at the White House!

Today McCadam Cheese is owned by Agri-Mark, the same company that owns Cabot Creamery in Vermont. Together, McCadam Cheese and Cabot Creamery support over 1,200 dairy farming families in the northeast, collecting their milk and processing it into delicious cheese!

Cheeses From This Farm

  • McCadam Extra Sharp Cheddar