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The White Moustache

Brooklyn, New York

Homa Dashtaki began her yogurt making career as a young child, making Persian-style yogurt in her kitchen with her father, (whose large white moustache is also the inspiration for the business name and logo). Homa moved to California from Iran when she was eight, and continuing the family's food traditions was of utmost importance to her parents. She went to college to study financial law, but soon burned out and started to look for a more fulfilling career.

When her uncle passed away, Homa decided she would start making yogurt with her father - part because she thought it could be a viable business, and part because she thought it would help her father get through the difficult time. After a false start in California, a state whose dairy production laws are not very friendly to small producers, Homa moved to New York to re-start the business. She moved into a state-approved dairy production facility with Betsy Devine of Salvatore Bklyn Ricotta in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and started making her signature small batch yogurt by hand.

To say it was an instant success is an understatement - the yogurt has garnered more than a cult following in its few years of existence, and its rich, creamy texture is unsurpassed by any other yogurt we've tried. Homa also makes Labneh, a strained fresh cheese, and bottles the yogurt whey in a dizzying array of flavors.

Making yogurt on a stainless steel table at The White Moustache

Dairy From This Farm

  • Labneh
  • Sour Cherry Yogurt
  • Kiss (Nut and Honey) Yogurt
  • Dates Yogurt
Photo Credits: Nicole Franzen