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Trickling Springs Creamery

Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Trickling Springs Creamery was founded in 2001 by two friends, Gerald Byers and Myron Miller, who wanted to create a business that would support local farmers by buying and bottling top quality local milk as well as transforming that milk into butter, ice cream, and other dairy products. Milk quality and superior animal husbandry were the cornerstones of their business model - they chose farms that pastured their animals and that used sustainable practices in caring for both their herds and their land. All of Trickling Springs' products are minimally processed using low-temperature pasteurization in order to maintain all of the good qualities inherent to the milk. Over the years Trickling Springs Creamery has grown to purchase milk from 37 cow dairies and 11 goat dairies.

Cows grazing on grass in a large open field with mountain backdrop

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Photo Credits: Trickling Springs Creamery