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Vulto Creamery

Walton, New York

Vulto Creamery is a small creamery in the western reaches of the Catskill Mountains. Founded by Jos Vulto, a former artist and metalsmith, the creamery produces five raw milk cheeses. Following a model found more often in Europe than the U.S. the creamery is located in a small building in the center of town, and the milk is sourced from a nearby farm. The raw Jersey milk used to make Vulto's cheeses comes from a 25 cow dairy in nearby Delhi, New York. The animals are grass fed in season, and fed a diet of dry hay supplemented with a touch of grain in the winter months.

Jos is largely a self taught cheesemaker - he experimented making cheeses in his apartment kitchen for years while he was living in Brooklyn, learning the rudiments of dairy science. He and his wife Miranda had a country home in Walton, New York, and in 2012, Jos launched Vulto Creamery and began splitting his time between Walton and Brooklyn.

Wheels of cheese in metal racks

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Photo Credits: Vulto Creamery