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A farmstead raw cow’s milk cheese from Cato Corner Farm. Farmstead refers to the fact that the cheese is made soup to nuts right on the farm! The animals are raised and milked on the farm, and the cheese is made and aged on site too. It’s pretty much the MOST authentic artisan production you can get! Bloomsday was originally named for a mystery batch of cheese made one June 16th, the day that James Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ takes place. Mark Gillman, co-owner and cheesemaker at Cato Corner, was an English teacher before trying his hand at artisan cheese, so he decided to marry his two loves with this spectacular cheese! Bloomsday is now one of Cato Corner’s most popular cheeses and is made year-round. It is by turns bright, acidic, sharp, and nutty - like young cheddar + savory roasted peanuts.


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