Boujee Blue

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Boujee Blue
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Boujee Blue is a three milk blue cheese from Old Chatham Sheepherding Company - cow, sheep, and goat (70% cow’s milk, 15% sheep’s milk, 15% goat’s milk)! Boujee Blue is dense and fudgy with a mellow, approachable level of blue flavor. The musky, gamey notes from the goat and sheep milk are perfectly balanced by the sweet, buttery cow’s milk, leaving you with a blue cheese that you can return to for a second (and third!) slice. Pairing Notes - Stout, Port, Madeira, sweet Sherry, sweet Riesling, Amarone, southern Italian red

Feeling the blues? Pair this with our sheep's milk Bohemian Blue and our bestselling cow's milk Bayley Hazen Blue.

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