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Join Anne Saxelby, Diane St. Clair, owner of Animal Farm and maker of Animal Farm butter, and Kevin Bruce, baker at Winner, one of the best bakeries in New York, for a virtual class and panel discussion on the beauty of good bread and butter! The virtual class will take place on Zoom on 1/22 at 8pm EST.

How does it work?

1. Purchase a Bread & Butter Tasting Box

2. We'll email you a Zoom link to the virtual class

3. Tune in to class at on 1/22 at 8pm EST

Deadline for orders is 1/18 at midnight EST. Boxes will ship 1/20 for delivery on 1/21.

Each Tasting Box features includes one pound of Animal Farm butter and one sourdough loaf from Winner. If you'd like to add cheese or other accompaniments to pair with the bread and butter to your box, we've included a list of our favorites below!


Bayley Hazen Blue - Our favorite American blue cheese made by Jasper Hill Farm. If you haven't paired blue cheese with butter on bread, you haven't lived! The combination of sweet tangy butterfat and blue cheese is undeniably one of the best pairings in the world.

Fig and Black Tea Jam - This fig and black tea jam is a delicate balance of sweet, rich figs and deep, earthy notes from freshly brewed black tea. 

Spring Brook Tarentaise Reserve - a two year aged cow's milk cheese from Spring Brook Farm that is bold, nutty, grassy, and brothy. It's the perfect foil for delicate cultured butter.

Sherry Gray - Our newest double cream cheese from Jasper Hill Farm. Each wheel is made from a blend of whole cow's milk and cream and is aged for 4-6 weeks. Bright, buttery, and tangy with delicate mushroom and earthy undertones.

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