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Dessert Kunik
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Cheese can always be a dessert course, but it solidifies itself as part of the after-dinner-sweets category when paired with luscious and creamy truffle bars! Brooklyn-based Fine & Raw Chocolate makes these next-level chunky bars, comprised of rich, chocolatey cream draped in a coating of 70% dark chocolate. In this set, you have 4 flavors (Truffle, Almond, Cocoa & Coconut, and Hazelnut) to discover alongside a 1 pound wheel of Kunik from Nettle Meadow Farm. We like to say Kunik, a cow and goat's milk triple cream, is basically gelato with a rind, making it an obvious choice for dessert!

Our vision: open everything, mix and match, and go to town. Perfect as part of a romantic evening for two, the sweet end to a dinner party, or a non-cake vehicle for a birthday candle!

Includes 1 lb of cheese and 6.5 oz of chocolate. 

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