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Crown Finish Caves Collection

Saxelby Cheese

Crown Finish Caves Collection
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Beneath the sidewalks of Bergen Street in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, the folks at Crown Finish Caves tend to an eclectic array of cheeses ripening on their shelves. Crown Finish repurposed a complex of 19th century tunnels originally used to lager beer, which provide just the right environment to bring out the best in their lovingly pampered cheeses.

Includes one pieces each of Bone Char Square - a square of mixed milk (cow/goat) cheese dusted with bone charcoal ash and aged at Crown Finish Caves exclusively for Chef Dan Barber at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, Gatekeeper - a cow and sheep mix washed with Graft cider, and a wedge of Tubby - a nutty and beefy alpine-style cows milk cheese made by Spring Brook Farm. Includes about 1 lb of cheese, serves 6-8 people.