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Fondue Essentials

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Fondue Essentials
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When the mercury drops and the snow begins to fall - there's just one thing a true cheese-aholic craves - fondue! It need not be a big to-do, Saxelby's taken care of all the cheesy details when it comes to crafting winter's finest melted cheese dish. We've chosen three perfect fondue-ready cheeses, and will even throw in our favorite fondue recipe to get things started! All you need to provide is heat!

Includes Reading Raclette - a sublime melter from Spring Brook Farm that is fruity and milky in flavor, Landaff - a tart and tangy cheese from Landaff Creamery to add a hint of acidity, and Alpha Tolman - a rich, robust, and savory Alpine-style cheese from Jasper Hill Farm. Contains 1.5lbs of cheese - enough to serve 4 as a main course, or up to 8 as an appetizer.