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Landaff is a real tart... Just the way we like our cheeses. Made from raw milk from Deb and Doug Erb's award-winning herd of Holsteins, Landaff has the pucker and twang to rival some of the finest cheeses from the British Isles. The Erb family got out of the commodity milk game and into the artisanal cheese game after meeting up with the Kehler brothers up at Jasper Hill Farm. They traveled to England to apprentice with the Duckett family, who make Caerphilly, a classic Welsh cheese, and tweaked their technique to create an American original. Landaff is made at the Erb's New Hampshire farm and then aged for 5-7 months in the Cellars at Jasper Hill, tended and coddled by the cheese elves of Vermont's Northeast Kingdom. Please note that all cheeses are cut to order in half pound increments, meaning that there will be a slight variance in weight. Rest assured you'll never receive less than the quantity you order, but you might score a little bit more!

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