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Marvelous Maple Collection

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Marvelous Maple Collection
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Maple syrup is one of North America's most delicious food resources.  For as long as Americans have been making artisan cheese, they've also been making maple syrup.

We're celebrating two of New England's greatest contributions to the American culinary landscape in the form of our Marvelous Maple Collection.

Includes Sappy Ewe from Nettle Meadow Farm - a sheep and cow's s milk cheese infused with maple syrup for a smooth, mellow flavor and rolled in pine ash, Maple Smoked Cheddar from Grafton Village Cheese - a cow's milk cheddar cold smoked over Maple wood, Maple Onion Jam from Blake Hill Preserves - a sweet and umami rich jam ideal for cheese, and Maple Goat Caramels from Big Picture Farms - silky caramels made with tangy goat's milk and rich VT maple syrup.  Includes approximately 1 lb of cheese and serves 2-4 people.