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Mini Harbison
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Cheese cuteness overload! This miniature creamy, bark-wrapped cows' milk cheese from Jasper Hill Farm is a little like Camembert cheese and takes its name from Greensboro's local librarian. The wheels are characterized by a sweet milky flavor, and finish with meaty, smoky, juniper notes that are imparted via the bark, which is harvested from balsa trees in the surrounding woodlands. These Mini wheels are perfectly portioned for picnics or a dessert cheese course for two. We recommend popping them in the oven for a few minutes until they reach gooey perfection, and then scooping the luscious, creamy paste out with a toasted slice of baguette! Each wheel of Mini Harbison cheese weighs in at 5oz and is aged for 45-60 days. Pairing Notes: Champagne or traditional method sparkling wines, fruity light reds, minerally whites, Belgian or sour beers.

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