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Cheese & Chocolate Club

We've taken our perennially popular Monthly Cheese Club and added... wait for it... chocolate! Saxelby's Cheese and Chocolate Club is a three month club, meaning you'll get three separate installments (listed below) of perfect cheese and chocolate pairings! Each shipment includes three hand-cut cheeses totaling 12 ounces, three bars of Raaka chocolate, and detailed tasting notes.

Giving this as a gift? Download a Welcome Letter to give to the lucky recipient!


For our February shipment, members will receive a special set of pairings:

Rose Cardamom Chocolate with Tres Bonne - a fresh, minerally, slightly sweet goat's milk cheese reminiscent of a golden gouda from Boston Post Dairy

Strawberry Swirl Chocolate with Snow Camp - a delicate and tangy cow's milk cheese coated in a snowy white rind that develops flavors of mushrooms and cultured butter as it ripens, from Goat Lady Dairy

Hibiscus Cinnamon Chocolate with Invierno - a mixed cow's and sheep's milk cheese with a firm texture and bright, nutty flavor tinged with pleasantly sour citrus notes.

Other pairings in the club include

(Items for this club ship on a rolling basis, so you may receive these pairings in a different order depending on when you first join.)

Month A

Rose Cardamom Chocolate with Finger Lakes Gold - a firm, nutty, goat's milk gouda from Lively Run Goat Dairy

Maple and Nibs Chocolate with Kunik - a decadent, buttery goat/cow triple creme from Nettle Meadow Farm

Coconut Milk Chocolate with Appalachian - buttery, earthy, and complex cow's milk cheese from Meadow Creek Dairy

Month B

Turkish Coffee Chocolate with Nancy's Camembert - a decadent triple cream cheese made from a blend of sheep's milk and cow cream from Old Chatham

Bananas Foster Chocolate with Ashbrook - a semi-firm, buttery and fruity cow's milk cheese with a layer of ash in the center from Spring Brook Farm

Green Tea Crunch Chocolate with Marieke Premium Gouda - a dense, butterscotchy, and crystalline aged gouda from Holland's Family Cheese

Month C

Bourbon Cask Aged Chocolate with Bayley Hazen Blue- a fudgy, sweet & salty blue cheese from Jasper Hill Farm

Oat Milk Chocolate with Spring Brook Tarentaise - a smooth aged cow's milk cheese with hints of toasted nuts and black pepper from Spring Brook Farm.

Sea Salt Chocolate with Queso del Invierno - a creamy, citrusy and nutty sheep/cow blend from Vermont Shepherd

How Does it Work?

  • The cost of shipping is included in the price of the club.
  • If you are giving this as a gift, you can Download a copy of our Welcome Letter to give to the lucky recipient!
  • To make changes to your subscription, log into the customer portal which is accessible via your customer account page and/or your order confirmation email.
  • Your first payment will be processed when you place the order, and your first delivery will be on the date that you select at check out. Payment and delivery in subsequent months will occur in 30 day increments from the date that you placed your first order. 
  • If you have questions about our clubs, just send us an email at or call 718-260-8660.
  • Please see FAQs for further information including cancellation policy.

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