Nettle Meadow Farm Collection

Saxelby Cheese

Nettle Meadow Farm Collection
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Tucked away in the Adirondacks, Nettle Meadow Farm is a goat and sheep dairy producing award-winning cheeses. Lorraine Lambiase and Sheila Flanagan opened Nettle Meadow in 1990 and since then it has grown to be both a successful cheesemaking operation as well as a farm sanctuary. Included among their goats and sheep used for cheesemaking purposes are several rescue animals.  They are committed to both making high-quality cheese and giving their animals a life worth living.

To celebrate their success we're offering up some of our favorites from them in a collection. Includes over over 1lb cheese. Cheeses included are:

Kunik - a dreamy mold-ripened cheese made from goats’ milk spiked with fresh Jersey cream.  When young, Kunik has the texture of cold butter with a light and tangy flavor.  As it ripens, it becomes more supple, loose, and gamey, the goaty flavors becoming more assertive.

Slate Ridgea distinctively rustic square-shaped cheese with a line of salt and ash running through the center separating two different types of curd - cow curd on the bottom and goat curd on the top. The texture is springy and dry and the flavor is tart, mineral, musky, and earthy.

Sappy Ewe - a blend of sheep and cow’s milk that is infused with a maple reduction and rolled in pine ash. The result is a buttery ochre paste with a jet black ashed rind that tastes of sweetness, cream, salt, and sheep.