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Nimbus - a grass fed triple cream cow's milk cheese from Chaseholm Farm
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Nimbus is a soft, luscious, triple cream cheese made by Chaseholm Farm in New York's Hudson Valley. Chaseholm Farm is a multi-generational grass-based dairy - owners Sara and Rory Chase believe that the quality of their cheese is directly linked to the quality of the soils and grasses on the farm. When you bite into a fluffy wedge of Nimbus, you can taste that quality right away. The cheese is tart, buttery, and nutty with earth and grassy undertones. Each 8oz wheel is ripened for 6-8 weeks to allow the interior of the cheese to develop a smooth, creamy, and satiny texture.

Try Nimbus with Zingerman's Spiced Pecans for a crunchy, decadent dessert course, or shop our entire selection of bloomy rind cheese.

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