Oriskany Mini

Cochran Farm 1790

Oriskany Mini - buy artisan goat cheese online
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A dense, tart and yeasty goat’s milk cheese from Cochran Farm 1790. These diminutive drums are dense and clay-like in texture - they melt in your mouth the way peanut butter does. The aroma is profoundly mushroomy and musky, and the flavor is bright, lactic, nutty, and goaty. Cheesemakers Patrick and Gwen Apfel apprenticed with goat cheese makers in France's Poitou region before starting their own creamery, and their savoir-faire shows! This is a goat cheese lover’s cheese - elegant, subtle, yet not shy about its goaty-ness. Each wheel weighs in at 7oz and is aged for 4-6 weeks.

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