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Pronounced (Ou-lee-out), this wonderfully fragrant and meaty washed rind cheese comes from the capable hands of Jos Vulto's creamery in Delaware County. The wheels are washed with a saltwater brine; over the course of their maturation they develop distinctly fruity, funky, fermenty flavors accented by a slightly acidic twang. The milk for Ouleout is sourced from a neighboring dairy in Delhi, NY, where the mostly Jersey-based herd is fed a diet of pasture in the summer months and dry hay and grasses in the wintertime. The cheese is named after nearby Ouleout Creek. Aged 60-90 days. Please note that all cheeses are cut to order in half pound increments, meaning that there will be a slight variance in weight. Rest assured you'll never receive less than the quantity you order, but you might score a little bit more!

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