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Pantry Party

Saxelby Cheese

Pantry Party
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Pamper the chef in your life with a selection of our best, most stalwart cooking cheeses! These cheeses are essentials in any home chef's pantry and are sure to up the ante with any recipe they're used in!

Includes Parmigiano Reggiano - it's not called the King of Cheeses for nothing! Fulvi Pecorino Romano - a sharp, salty sheep's milk cheese that adds bite and character to pastas and salads, Reading Raclette - a perfect melter that's good for gratins and great for grilled cheese, McCadam Cheddar - a New York state cheddar that is home atop a sandwich or melted in mac and cheese, and Caputo Brothers Creamery Provola - a buttery, and slightly piquant domestic Provola that will elevate your eggplant parmigiana and bubble atop your french onion soup.

Contains over 2lbs of cheese - all of which keep for over 6 weeks when wrapped in our special cheese paper!