The Saxel-Bonanza!

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The Saxel-Bonanza!
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At Saxelby Cheesemongers we pride ourselves on working with America's BEST cheesemakers. Many of the cheeses we source are limited-edition, hard-to-find dairy delicacies that you'll only find at our NYC shop, or right here in cheesy cyberspace! We've rounded up our favorite cheeses of the moment in one giant Saxel-bonanza collection - check out what's special and unique about these seasonal picks - listed clockwise from top:

11 Brothers Reserve - A limited edition batch of two year aged goat cheese from Boston Post Dairy. Cheesemaker Anne Blouin wasn't satisfied with the rind development of this batch, so she left the wheels in the cave to age. After two years, her sister encouraged her to give the wheels a try and it turned out to be a flavor epiphany!

Humble Pie - One of our favorite gooey cow's milk cheeses from Woodcock Farm. Creamy, dreamy, nutty, buttery and barnyardy... it's just one of those cheeses we want to shout from the rooftops (or the cheese cave) about! 

Sweet Emotions - a delicate disc of mixed milk (goat and cow's milk) cheese from Lazy Lady Farm. Cheesemaker Laini Fondiller is constantly changing up her cheese selection and creating new cheeses to delight us mongers. Because of the constantly rotating selection, we don't list any of these cheeses in our usual lineup online, so snag a wheel while the snaggin's good.

Boucher Blue - a small-production blue cheese from one of Vermont's pioneering artisan cheese producers. Boucher Blue is chock full of flavor - both sweet and savory. The wedges have some sweeter chocolate notes as well as some assertive peppery flavors. 

Timber Coulee - a hard-hitting, extra-aged sheep's milk cheese from Hidden Springs Creamery in Wisconsin. Cheesemaker Brenda Jensen makes small batches of large format wheels of sheep's milk cheeses that are aged for one year or more. This batch tastes like sherry, butterscotch, and toasted nuts, with a hint of lanolin from the sheep's milk.

Braeburn - a seasonal raw cow's milk gem from Bonnieview Farm. This hefty wheel is creamy, buttery, and a touch fruity - the PERFECT cheese for a snack, a sandwich, or a picnic in the park.

Bone Char Pearl (center) - our exclusive collaboration with chef Dan Barber and Blue Hill restaurant. These wheels of goat and cow's milk cheese are dusted with bone charcoal that is made at Blue Hill from the bones of the meat that is served in the restaurant. A postmodern take on classic ashed goat cheeses.

Contains just under 3lbs of cheese and serves up to 20 people.
Cheeses will keep wrapped in the fridge for 2-4 weeks (the soft ones will keep for closer to 2 weeks, the firm cheeses can keep for 4 weeks or more!)